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ADHESIVE INSERTS Meet our models of adhesive pads for tiles and walls.

Single-Color Inserts

Inspired by ease and simplicity, our unique color adhesive inserts provide a unique change of concept and beauty.

Decorated inserts

High standard of beauty and sophistication are defined by our decorated adhesive pads, with the most modern in the market.

Geometric inserts

Make your environment acquire greater sophistication with geometric adhesive inserts using 2 or more types of insert formats.

Miscellaneous Inserts

Be creative and perform your own art by choosing up to 5 colors between the formats offered to get a beauty scene created by you.

Portuguese Inserts

All the refinement of the format of Portuguese drawings can be part of your environment with our Portuguese adhesive inserts.

Retro Inserts

Kick back in time and enjoy an environment with style inspired by previous decades with our retro adhesive inserts.

Segments inserts

Ideal for enhancing the environment of your business, our resin adhesive inserts reflect the style of your segment.

Silver Inserts

Rugged and sophisticated style with luxurious looks is what our silver resin adhesive tablets offer to your environment.

Brick Inserts

Change your wall of tiles or smooth, for a style of bricks without dirt with our adhesive tablets brick resin.

Faixinhas Inserts

Easy to decorate your environment with style and speed. Our Faixinhas are cut electronically by maintaining the exact measure. Check out our models!

Change your environment in a practical, fast and dirt-free way with sticky inserts!

DECORATIVE WORKS See some of the decorative work using our adhesive pads.

Meet Our Products

Go to our virtual store and know our entire product line.

EXPLANATORY VIDEOS Take your questions by watching the explanatory videos of our products.

Installation of adhesive pads in the bathroom

Installation Model A256 – innovate and renew your environment.

Application of adhesive pads on pool Edge

Installation model M258-bathroom

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